Rehearsed Play Readings

As mentioned earlier in the year, the Players cancelled the monthly play readings through lack of interest, both in attendance and running. We promised that the readings would be back in the form of a rehearsed play reading every few months. Unfortunately, FBP events and the summer have delayed the organisation of this, and the proximity of FELT IF means that the first rehearsed play reading performance will not happen until the New Year. However, here follows the idea:

A director submits a proposal for a rehearsed reading to the FBP Committee, along with a date to perform the reading at the FBS premises. If agreed, the director holds 3-5 readings at the FBS premises, the first of which is a relaxed audition. The reading will be performed to an audience in the more relaxed environment at FBS in Fredrikinkatu.

The purpose of this new arrangement is to give the people who are new to the Players (and maybe new to acting), along with those who historically have only attended the play readings, the chance to actually perform in a gentle and friendly way and without the pressures and stresses of a full production with a paying audience.

As mentioned above, we want to get the ball rolling in the New Year. As such, we now invite offers of directors with a play to rehearse (starting after FELT IF at the earliest). Please only submit a proposal if you are prepared to direct the rehearsed reading through to performance.

Proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.