April 2011 Play Reading - Anna in the Tropics

WHAT: Play reading - Anna in the Tropics
WHERE: FINNBRIT, Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9 (MAP)
WHEN: Friday, 29th April, 7pm

Last year, we had Darwin in Malibu – now we have Tolstoy in Tampa.

Cuban-American playwright Nilo Cruz won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Anna in the Tropics, set in 1929 near Tampa, Florida. By custom, the cigar-crafters hired their own carefully critiqued ‘lectors’ to read aloud novels. Before machinery took over, cigar rollers could marvel, "We might not be able to read or write, but we can recite lines from Don Quixote or Jane Eyre.”

The handsome new lector's choice of Anna Karenina drops the cigar-crafters into a foreign culture with icy breezes, and forbidden passion.

Free entrance. Bring a bottle and a friend. Remember that play readings are not performances!