A Finite Number of Monkeys


In 2006, The Finn-Brit Players Theatrical Society celebrates 25 years (and more) of theatrical endeavour in English in Finland. To mark this milestone, the society has produced this collection of original work to showcase some of the creative zest that has become characteristic of its performances. The material here may be drawn from a festival of short plays or from an evening of poetry and jazz in a Helsinki café. It may depict life and death in a World War I trench or explore the stresses and strains of family relationships. The binding element is that the drama, prose, and poetry in this volume has all been written and performed by members of the society.

The book costs a nominal €10, and is available at all our major events and productions as long as stocks last, or can be obtained by request from Zoë, email her at zoe [at] finnbritplayers.com.


War Memorial by Joseph White
At the Mad Otter by Perttu Lipsanen
Daylight Saving Time by Bartholomew John
I Need a Sister by Sirpa Pääkkönen
After the Sauna by Fionna O'Sullivan


The Emperors Mimpwender by Zoë Chandler
In Praise of my Conceit, Cold and Distant, 1/72nd Scale by Stewart Gray
Daymoon, The Beaded Green Gown by Joel Holmberg
Ophelia's Hero by Anna Karlsson
Black Shoes, stumbled in love, talk to you later, she has been told, without strength, with sharp edges by Anna Kortesalmi
Astronomical Observations, The Land of Haste, The Mule, Differences, Silent Caves, The fly by Perttu Lipsanen
Bad Timing, Cold Dancer, There's Always Someone Around, Cathedral by Joe L. Murr