The Old Vic's The Crucible - On Screen

WHAT:The Old Vic’s The Crucible

WHEN: 3 March at 7 pm

WHERE: Finnkino (Maxim 2, Kluuvikatu 1) (MAP)

One of Arthur Miller’s most famous plays, The Crucible is an intense and harrowing tale of fear, paranoia, mass hysteria and moral heroism during the Salem witch trials in 17th century Massachusetts.

Although based on real events and people of that time, the play was written in 1953 to echo the turmoil of McCarthy-era anti-communist paranoia and Miller’s own experiences in the hands of the Un-American Activities Committee.

The Old Vic’s production has been a huge box office hit, partly thanks to the talent and charms of its leading man, Richard Armitage. For more info on the production and its cinematic release go to

The play and the lead alone should be enough to entice you to join us on a Tuesday night for a relaxed outing…

Book your own tickets at Finnkino here, and meet our group after the show at Belge Bar & Bistro (Kluuvikatu 5) for a drink, perhaps a snack and a discussion of the play. This is a joint event by The Finn-Brit Players and The FinnBrit.