The Pinter Project

Workshop at FINNBRIT, Sunday January 11, 2009, 2.00-6.00 p.m.
Run by Zoë Chandler, Bruce Marsland, Joan Nordlund and Fionna O'Sullivan
• The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in exploring the works of Harold Pinter and would like to be involved in this project in any capacity over the next two years.
• Auditions for the spring production of 'A Slight Ache' (directed by Bruce Marsland) and 'Moonlight' (directed by Joan Nordlund) will be on Sunday January 18, 2.00-6.00 p.m.

Murder, Mania & Misogyny

MMMThe Finn-Brit Players’ Drama Incubator is hatching its first three chicks this spring:

Dirty Work at the Crossroads by Bill Johnson, abridged & adapted by Joan Nordlund

A tale of passion, murder, deceit and intrigue involving the usual suspects: the gullible widow, the innocent daughter, the faithful admirer, the hired help, the dastardly villain, ‘she who will have her revenge’, and the Asterbilts of Fremington Manor. But where does Little Nell fit in?

Guardian Demon by Zoë Chandler

The eternal battle between Good and Evil has not disrupted Adam's sheltered existence - until now, when it's brought to disturbing life by the angelic and demonic voices whispering into his brain. But visits to his beautiful yet troubled therapist Eve bring nothing but complications.

Men Defenders! by Oana Velcu

When every day overwhelms the lonely Alexios with yet more evidence that women are seizing power, mathematical equations no longer suffice. This dedicated researcher needs help to stop the atrocity! But how will his friends react to his plans?



May 3rd at 6 p.m.
May 4th at 5 p..m
May 10th at 6 p.m.
May 11th at 5 p.m.

Performances will be held at The Finnish-British Society, Fredrikinkatu 20 A, Helsinki

Tickets €6 for the triple bill.

After Dinner by Andrew Bovell

After DinnerAfter Dinner is an ironic black comedy about single life and hidden desires. Taking place in the 80’s, five people converge on a suburban nightspot to enjoy a meal and the after dinner entertainment, but as the evening progresses and tongues loosen, they find out more about themselves than they would have liked to.

Office workers Dympie, the neurotic control freak, and happy-go-lucky Paula hit their local watering hole every Friday evening to unwind. They drink a few glasses of wine, and watch the local band. On this particular evening, the pair takes pity on their recently widowed colleague Monika and invite her along. Gordon, a bit of a loser whose wife has just left him, and Stephen, a Neanderthal who’s simply out for a one-night stand sit at an adjacent table. After Dinner unveils the vulnerability of the human condition, exposing the foibles, pain, and humour of the characters’ inner lives.

Directed by Anna Kauppila, After Dinner was written by acclaimed Australian playwright and screenwriter Andrew Bovell. This classic Aussie comedy was first produced in Melbourne, then in various theatres across Ireland the UK. Now it arrives in Finland for the first time, brought to you by the Finn-Brit Players, one of the awesomest English language theatre group based in Helsinki. With After Dinner the group continues to perform fresh and innovative theatre, both classical and contemporary.

The show premieres at Helsinki’s renowned Koko Teatteri (Unioninkatu 45) on Saturday 22nd March, and continues its run at Teatteri Narri (Hietaniemenkatu 9) on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April.

Starring Angie Hämäläinen, Mira Fitzpatrick, Amanda Thurman, Jarrad Dowd and Matti Keltanen.

Produced by Steve Porter. Stage managed by Agnieszka Flak.


Koko Teatteri, Unioninkatu 45
22nd March @ 2pm & 7pm

Teatteri Narri, Hietaniemenkatu 9
12th April @ 2pm & 7pm, 13th April @ 2pm

Tickets are €9 (€6 concessions - members, students, pensioners etc.

Ticket bookings are closed, but as of closing time there was still capacity in the Saturday 12th 2pm show—welcome to try at the door!

Thanks to:

Mr & Mrs Blake

Mr & Mrs Blake

The man was born 250 years ago and still infuriates and exhilarates. “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”. One of his many slogans taken up by the rock and literary generation of the 1960s against what they saw as layer upon layer of establishment oppression.

Don’t rely on what you’re told; make your own mistakes, and learn from them. If you don’t develop your own system you will be forced to live under someone else’s - forced to defend a lie.

That 60s generation was quoting a man who lived 200 years before them, whose words were still as challenging and relevant as in his very turbulent lifetime.
As are his astonishing and groundbreaking illustrations. Politics, sexuality, religion, the human mind, all came under his penetrating gaze.

William Blake (1757-1827) was unique - one of England’s most influential, controversial, and fiery tempered poets and artists. “Jerusalem” from his epic “Milton” has become a sort of unofficial national anthem. “The Tyger” is said to be the most reprinted poem in English. And many of his engravings continue to emerge on rock band album covers. His mysticism still fascinates and enthrals and he is particularly revered by the artistic community.

Yet in his lifetime he was feared, considered mad, or simply overlooked. A phenomenal visionary who “saw” angels and spoke to the dead, he toiled his entire life to break free of the drudgery of the mundane into the universe of the mind and soul. If ever there was a Working Class Hero it was William Blake.
“To see a world in a grain of sand...” The imagination of the human mind was his only religion.
To commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth The Finn-Brit Players present Mr & Mrs Blake, a play originally written to accompany an exhibition of his engravings in Helsinki in 2000. It is an attempt to shed some light on his life and times and what must have been a remarkable relationship with his wife, Catherine.

“He whose face gives no light shall never become a star.”


Mr & Mrs Blake, a play by Joe White on the life and times of the visionary poet and artist William Blake. Performances November 29th, 30th and December 1st at 19.00h at FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9).

Tickets 6 euros, from the venue.