Strindberg, Genet, Ionesco

Spring 2007, the Players presented three plays:

Miss Julie, a full-length play, plus
The Maids and The Bald Prima Donna as a double bill.

Produced by Laura Robinson.

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The plays:

miss julie
Miss Julie
by August Strindberg
directed by Jack Leo

The setting is a country house somewhere in Southern Sweden in the late 19th century. Miss Julie is the count’s daughter; Jean is his footman. Their encounter during Midsummer night results in a collision of passion, and a conflict of sex and class arises which ultimately leads to the downfall of Miss Julie.


Miss Julie - Irina Mikkola
Jean - Steve Porter
Kristine - Angie Hämäläinen

the maids
The Maids
by Jean Genet
directed by Fionna O'Sullivan

Inspired by a notorious murder case that shocked 1930s France, Jean Genet's The Maids is a dramatic story of two sisters courting disaster as they act out their fantasy of revenge on their mistress. As powerful today as it was when first staged, personal and social agendas clash with tragic consequences.


Maarit Hyytiäinen
Anna Maria Rawlings
Amanda Paajanen

the bald prima donna
The Bald Prima Donna
by Eugène Ionesco
directed by Bruce Marsland

Eugene Ionesco's work uses drama to attack drama as an art form. The Bald Prima Donna is a landmark in such absurdist anti-theatre. No conventions of so-called rational communication are held sacred as the Martins come round for dinner to find that the Smiths have already eaten. The fire chief pops in to help pass the time, but not even the maid is everything that she seems. "Let's go and slap Ulysses!"

The Bald Prima Donna is the world record holding play for longest continuous run. Read about it in The Independent.

Cast & Crew:

Mrs Smith - Amanda Thurman
Mr Smith - Matti Keltanen
Mary - Hanna Aaltola
Mrs Martin - Zoë Chandler
Mr Martin - Fabien Rapin
Fire-Chief - Perttu Lipsanen
Clock - Fredrika Fellman

Director - Bruce Marsland
Choreographer - Hanna Aaltola
Consultant en françaiseries - Fabien Rapin

Performance dates

Friday 11 May 7 pm Miss Julie
Saturday 12 May 3 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Sunday 13 May 3 pm Miss Julie
Sunday 13 May 7 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Tuesday 15 May 7 pm Miss Julie
Wednesday 16 May 7 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Thursday 17 May 7 pm Miss Julie
Friday 18 May 7 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Saturday 19 May 3 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna — SOLD OUT
Saturday 19 May 7 pm Miss Julie

The plays were a guest performance on the Puoli-Q stage of Q-teatteri, Tunturikatu 16, Helsinki.

Tickets €8 for Miss Julie, and €8 for the double-bill of The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna.

Call for proposals: autumn 2007, spring/summer 2008

Anyone interested in directing/producing a play should submit a short description of the play, casting and staging requirements, suggested budget, and potential backstage crew to the committee. The deadline for proposals is 26 February.

The preferred method of submitting is to fill in this Word document and send it to committee (at) If that doesn't do it for you, you can print out and fill this form (PDF file) and give it to a committee member (contact info here).

The Winter's Tale

winter's tale headerSee original page at old site >>

When King Leontes becomes convinced that his wife is carrying the child of his best friend, his obsessive jealousy becomes an instrument of terrible destruction. Friends, family, and trusted advisors all fall victim to his blind rage before Leontes recognizes his error and falls into a state of boundless remorse. Sixteen years later, his abandoned daughter unknowingly sets the stage for the redemption of all.

One of Shakespeare's last plays, The Winter's Tale is rich in poetry, subtle in its psychological workings, and experiments with mixing comedy and tragedy, pastoral and courtly drama. With a truly huge cast and a wonderful stage at the Aleksanterinteatteri, this year's fall production celebrates 25 years of the Finn-Brit Players by pulling out all the stops.

Directed by: Adrian Goldman & Johanna MacDonald
Produced by: Laura Robinson & Johanna MacDonald
Costumes: Zoë Chandler, with help from Carol Norris & Matti Keltanen
Music: Nick Meinke
Lighting: Robert Mandara
Props: Fiónna O'Sullivan & Arabella David
Set: Johan Stenbäck, with help from Stewart Gray, Steve Porter & Mark Stenbäck
Stage management: Fiónna O'Sullivan & Javier Perez
Stage crew: Sean McLoughlin & Arabella David
Publicity: Matti Keltanen & Anna Maria Rawlings
Dresser: Amanda Paajanen

Cast: Hanna Aaltola, Mira Berglund-Fitzpatrick, Zoë Chandler, Katrina Goldman, Diana Hannikainen, Maarit Hyytiäinen, Riitta Itäkylä, Matti Keltanen, Jack Leo, Perttu Lipsanen, Bruce Marsland, Irina Mikkola, Lari Noresvuo, Yannick Pellet, Stephen Porter, Fabien Rapin, Anna Rawlings, Laura Robinson, Matilda Sisättö, Mark Stenbäck, Ramona Teinilä, Amanda Thurman and Joe White

Shows at Aleksanterin teatteri
Saturday November 4 at 7PM
Sunday November 5 at 2PM and 7PM

Tickets €15/11 (or €10 for groups of 10 or more) from Aleksanterin Teatteri (09-676 980) or from Lippupalvelu


Tales from the Attic

attic title 490px

attic pic 490px

See pages on old website >>

June 3rd at 7 p.m. and June 4th at 4 p.m. [in 2006 -ed.]
The Finnish-British Society, Puistokatu 1 b A, 00140 Helsinki
Tickets 3€

During the past 25 years, the Players have amassed a variety of set, props and costumes from over 30 productions - all of which are to be found in the glory hole that is the FBP attic.

Our anniversary microfestival set the following challenge: write a ten to twenty minute play making use of these treasures and the bare minimum in terms of lights, sound and stage.

Here are the Tales From the Attic:


Stuck, written by Nigel Quinlan, directed by Fionna O'Sullivan
T, written by Rebecca Clamp, directed by Bruce Marsland
Miller Punch, written and directed by Vello Ruus
Duck and Cover, written by Joe L. Murr, directed by Joel Kuntonen
Successful Living, written by Johanna MacDonald, directed by Matti Keltanen
Instructions Manual, written by Oana Velcu, directed by Karolina Sveiby & Oana Velcu
The Space Shop, written by Lari Noresvuo, directed by Bruce Marsland & Lari Noresvuo
Closet Space, written and directed by Zoë Chandler