F100 – Findependence

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F100 – Findependence

Produced by Zoë Chandler & Ulf Persson 

To mark Finland’s centenary, the Finn-Brit Players has put together a collection of short plays, poetry and music under the title F100–Finndependence. As its name suggests, the show’s two main themes are to celebrate all things Finnish and to explore various aspects of freedom and independence – or a lack thereof. Although many of the pieces take a humorous or satirical view of the topics, they also contain plenty of food for thought.

So join us for a couple of hours of entertainment with complimentary wine and nibbles. Below you'll find a list of the pieces in alphabetical order:


dreamstime xs 40495665Alice  written & directed by Ulf Persson

We have all heard the story about Alice who followed the rabbit down a hole and ended up in Wonderland. Here she is again, she follows the rabbit and ends up in – Finland! Maybe that is Wonderland? Satumaa! So meet Alice, the rabbit, a dog, the mad Hatter and others. Here they are – in Kaivopuisto!

Alice – Esteri Hellgrén
Various roles – Graham Lees & Ulf Persson


Finnish Playette imageThe Finnish Playette  adapt. by Graham Lees from a play by Ian Eastment & directed by Angie Hämäläinen

Gerald – the ex-pat abroad – returns, despite a total lack of popular demand, to insult and offend in this short adaptation of The Finnish Play. Gerald thinks he is funny; others are not amused.

Gerald – Graham Lees
Heidi – Esteri Hellgrén
Georgie – Angie Hämäläinen


Going Viral hashtag imageGoing Viral  written & directed by Zoë Chandler

Do you ever feel controlled by advertising? Do you use adblockers to fight back against the constant onslaught? Then you’d better watch out for the future’s next megatrend….

Mr Fitzroy – Salomon Marttila
Ms Marshall – Zoë Chandler




Independence AhtiIndependence written & directed by Ahti Tolvanen

A young couple from Helsinki takes a long weekend break to an exceptionally rainy London, and have a falling out after accidently making conflicting bookings for the evening. They visit a marriage counsellor for help, but during the session, they become aware of a sudden flood emergency hitting the city – just as a close relative calls from home to say he is joining a terrorist organization. The counsellor runs off in near panic and they are left alone…. Can their relationship – indeed can they – survive the increasingly disturbing situation?

Maria: Jessica Calonius
Abdul: John Koroma
Leslie: Maybelle Pristine




What are you doing in Fnland imageWhat are you doing for Finland? directed and adapt. by Graham Lees
from Aware, Awareness, Shampoo and Chocolates by Elina Jackson

Less of a conversation, more a projection of underlying insecurity. 

Person 1 – Angie Hämälainen (VO Graham Lees)
Person 2 – Esteri Hellgrén


Beauty and the Beast
 – written & perf. by Zoë Chandler
In Envy of J.L. Runeberg and His Just Desserts – written & perf. by Kent Tankersley
Memories of a distant winter wonderland – written & perf. by Tiina Isoviita
Ode to Finland – written & perf. by Ulf Persson
Oh Finland – written & perf. by Tiina Isoviita
The Stuffed Beast of Savo – written & perf. by Kent Tankersley
What I sang in Karaoke – written & perf. by Tiina Isoviita
When I tell you about the emperor – written by Paavo Haavikko, trans. & perf. by Zoë Chandler

Classic Finnish songs in English
perf. by Amanda Arttio & Max Van de Kamp

One performance only at Rauhanasema (Veturitie 3, 00520 Helsinki)
Thurs 7 Dec 2017 at 19:00

10€ – standard admission
8€ – students, national service, retired & FBP members

Finn-Brit Players members (who have paid their membership fees for the year) may buy a reasonable number of tickets for those accompanying them to the theatre, or for friends and family to watch them on stage. Members will need to have their membership numbers to hand when ordering (in the form FBPXXXX, where XXXX is your four-digit membership number).

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