Call for Minor Production Proposals for Autumn 2014

We are looking for minor productions for the autumn season 2014. We have one rehearsed reading, Spider Webs, booked for 25 October as well as Poetry & Jazz coming up in November, but would like to add a couple more events to the autumn programme to get more variety. This autumn, there will be no major production, so the calendar is open for suggestions!

Organising a minor production is a good opportunity to get the experience required for putting on a major production. A minor production can be e.g.

  • a rehearsed reading
  • a traditional play reading (one reading, no performance)
  • a collection of short plays or monologues.

We are also open for suggestions for workshops and other types of events.

E-mail your proposal to the committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); if you wish for your production or event to take place in the autumn season, please be in touch by 31 October. Before submitting your proposal, please read the minor production guidelines that can be found online.