inkubator ink splatWHAT IS INKUBATOR?
Inkubator is a programme to promote new scripts and provide opportunities for directors. The idea is start with a rehearsed reading, which if successful can be turned into a fully staged production. For those with some experience or a more fully developed script, it may be possible to move straight to a small production.


Writers who have a new script they would like to fine tune by way of a rehearsed reading, with the possibility of a fully staged production for successful readings. With a more fully developed script, it may be possible to move straight to a small prodcution.

Directors who would like to gain more experience, either with a script they’ve written themselves, one of our Inkubator submissions, or another new or established play of their choice. We would prefer you to have at least some experience of directing – or at least acting in – live theatre. If you have no prior experience, we may be able to arrange a mentor with whom you can work on directing a shorter script.


  • Language – all scripts must be in English
  • Genre – all genres are welcome
  • Full-length scripts for stand-alone shows (approx. 45–120 minutes)
  • Shorter scripts that can be made into double bills (approx. 20–40 minutes)
  • Staging – the cast size and staging requirements must be suitable for the NoName Theatre stage, that is, a very small and intimate black-box venue


  • rehearsal and performance time at the NoName Theatre
  • a modest budget for staging the show
  • auditions to find actors
  • support for tech, tickets sales, marketing and selected production tasks
  • a rehearsed reading, with the possibility of a fully staged production for successful shows

In terms of staging, the exact nature of a rehearsed reading can vary according to the project. For Inkubator, a rehearsed reading will be a performance in which the actors will be very familiar with the play and their lines, but will not be expected to learn their lines by heart. They will therefore perform with script in hand, but otherwise treat it as a regular live theatre performance. Staging, lighting and sound effects will be minimal, and the audience will be expected to use their imagination.

There will be a single minimal set consisting of basic furniture that will be used for all scenes. There will be no dragging furniture on and off stage, and a simple chair will be expected to double for anything from a sofa to a throne.

Actors should wear suitable costumes to set the scene, but there should not be unnecessary costume changes. A few props that are absolutely essential for the plot are allowed, but nothing else. For example, it would look stupid to threaten someone with your fingers instead of a gun, but unnecessary items should be eliminated, even if they are mentioned in the script – particularly items such as drinking glasses, food, etc. Remember: actors will have scripts in hand.

The actors will rehearse their lines and some basic, essential movements to liven up the performance, but the acting area must be kept small and the goal is not to do every movement you would in a fully staged performance. Again: actors will have scripts in hand.

The aim is to create a simple and engaging performance with a minimum number of rehearsals and within a rehearsal period of no more than one month.

The Finn-Brit Players is an amateur theatre organisation that provides a framework in which people can engage in their hobby as actors and directors. Inkubator does not, therefore, offer paid positions or cover personal expenses for directors or actors. Amateur performance rights for scripts will be paid for fully staged productions in line with the length of the play and the size of the audience. Nominal performance rights will be paid for rehearsed readings on the same bases. All income from performances will go to the Finn-Brit Players.

Writers and directors should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and fill out this form to submit scripts or to register their interest in directing. Actors should sign up for auditions when they are advertised by following our public Facebook page, joining our mailing list, or checking the audition page on the website. Please do not email us to ask for acting roles.

You can now make submissions for summer and autumn. The final deadline for round two will be announced later. Please register your interest and we’ll work from there to make theatre happen!