Hogfather facebook event imageOur story begins the night before Hogswatch, the last night of the year. Yet instead of the Hogfather, it's Death who's creeping down chimneys with presents and trying to say "Ho Ho Ho".

The Auditors of Reality have been plotting again, and have hired the Assassin's Guild to eliminate the Hogfather in a more creative way than usual. And it's down to Susan – gothic governess and Death's granddaughter – to sort everything out by morning, otherwise there won't be a morning....

 is based on Terry Pratchett's popular Discworld novel of the same name, and was adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs.

Directed by Zach Chamberlaine.

Narrator – Derryn Marsh
Auditors of Reality – Stina Halmetoja, Pauliina Munukka & Charlotte Riley
Lord Downey – Timothy Gilbert
Mr Teatime – Tom Gilder
Medium Dave – Mikael Kivimäki
Banjo – Branislav Đakovic 
Chickenwire – Johan Bolin
Susan Sto Helit – Emily Matthews
DEATH – Tomi Andersson
Albert – Paul McGuire
Ridcully – David Rogers
Stibbons – Salomon Marttila
Sideney – Nicola Bagalá
Voice of the Hex – Anastasia Diatlova
Bilious – Leben Norrie
Violet Bottler – Anastasia Diatlova
The Tooth Fairy – Olga Zamurović
Castle Guard – Pauliina Munukka
Charlie – Charlotte Riley
Corporal Nobbs – Timothy Gilbert
Lance-Constable Humpeding – Tasha Tolmcheva
Ms Crumley – Fredrika Fellman
Drumknott – Stina Halmetoja
Mrs Gaiter – Olga Zamurović
Gawain Gaiter – Nicola Bagalá
Twyla Gaiter – Raili Coogan
Sir Geoffrey – Paul McGuire
Guest – Fredrika Fellman/Tasha Tolmcheva
Virginia Prood – Raili Coogan
Toymaker – Salomon Martilla

Producer – Zach Chamberlaine
Stage Managers – Rick Joosten & Riikka Faucher
Lighting design – Timo Karppinen
Sound design – Matthew Wooller
Tech operator – Vladislav Nenchev
Photography – Anni Taponen

PERFORMANCES at the NoName Theatre
Fri 18 Nov at 7pm
Sat 19 Nov at 7pm
Sun 20 Nov at 2 pm
Weds 23 Nov at 7pm
Thurs 24 Nov at 7pm
Fri 25 Nov at 7pm
Sat 26 Nov at 7pm
Sun 27 Nov at 2 pm
Weds 30 Nov at 7pm

 buy tickets logo tcrbTICKETS
 20€ – standard admission
 16€ – Concessions (students, retired, military/civil service, unemployed)
 16€ – FBP, FINNBRIT, MEETUP & Internations members

 Tickets are available HERE


This amateur production is brought to you in arrangement with Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.