OA title image 2Man-made climate change has long been scientifically accepted, and yet most of mankind continues business as usual. Seized by age-old power struggles and the lust for profit, most pay no heed to the unfolding crisis, which has no respect for either political or social borders. In short, we are all in the same pan and it’s getting hotter!

Although we haven’t yet grown up enough to match Greta’s spirit, we aim to add our own contribution to the global cause. We present ORANGE ALERT, a climate reality show that seeks to raise awareness in an entertaining manner through a variety of artforms: 

SONGS & MUSIC from Rebecca Clamp and Hans Wessels; John Millar and Tony Shaw; Mira Berglund-Fitzpatrick
POETRY by John Leo & Diliana Stoyanova
PERFORMANCE by Veriprikaati – The Red Rebel Brigade

DRAMA & SKETCHES from Mikael Kivimäki, Matias Kylliäinen & Marietta Chela; Vladislav Nenchev, Sarah Puukka, Dish Eldishnawy & Jaakko Hutchings
and SLIDE SHOWS by David Rogers, Till Sawala & Baida Embarec

Each of the pieces takes its own approach to the themes of nature or climate change – from informative to beautiful to downright hilarious! So join us to learn more about the global climate crisis and what can be done to resolve it, because solutions are definitely within our grasp.

You can read more about the various acts and the show in general in the SHOW BLOG.

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Conceived by Jessica Calonius & David Rogers
Produced by Vladislav Nenchev
Musical accompaniment by John Millar & Tony Shaw


Stage Manager – Vladislav Nenchev

Lighting Design & Operation – Timo Karppinen
Sound Design – Matthew Wooller
Sound Operator – Nicolas Herbatschek
Props Manager Vladislav Nenchev
Photography – Anni Taponen

Publicity Coordinator – Zach Chamberlaine

Performances at the NoName Theatre
Thurs 18 Nov 2021 at 6 pm
Fri 19 Nov 2021 at 6 pm
Sat 20 Nov 2021 at 6 pm
Sun 21 Nov 2021 at 2 pm

buy tickets logo tcrbTICKETS
20€ – standard admission
16€ – concessions (students, retired, military/civil service)
16€ – FBP members

Available HERE in our Holvi store.

Photo by C. Z. Shi on Unsplash