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We Are Not Amused by Ulf Persson & the cast

Directed by Ulf Persson Meri Kuikka

We Are Not Amused is a late talkshow. Late in the meaning of dead. Very dead. The Finn-Brit Players proudly presents a talkshow in which the guests are three very famous and very dead women:
Elisabeth “Sisi”, Empress of Austria & Queen of Hungary (Laura Alemañola)
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain & Empress of India (Emily Matthews)
Diana, the People’s Princess (Meri Kuikka)

They are here to chat about their dramatic and interesting lives with the Host (Graham Lees) – but his guests are not all that amused. Come and find out why….

Two for the price of one! We Are Not Amused will be preceded by a short supporting feature:

Going Viral by Zoë Chandler

Junk mail through your letterbox, popups on your computer, a neverending parade of billboards, screens and totems…. Sometimes it feels as if there’s no escape from advertising. But if you think things are bad now, you’d better watch out for the next megatrend. The future of advertising is here and now there really is no escape.

Fitzroy – Demian Stimson
Marshall – Zoë Chandler

PERFORMANCES at Höyhentämö–Pluckhouse (Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki)
Fri 24 August at 19:00
Sat 25 August at 19:00
Sun 26 August at 19:00
Tues 28 August at 19:00
Weds 29 August at 19:00
Thurs 30 August at 19:00
Fri 31 August at 19:00
Sat 1 September at 19:00

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12.00€ – standard admission
9.00€ – students, national service, retired & FBP members

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Auditions for We Are Not Amused

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Welcome to open auditions for our one-act play: We Are Not Amused by Ulf Persson, directed by Ulf Persson and Graham Lees.

The auditions will take place onSunday 11 February 2018, 1–3 pm at FINNBRIT, Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9, 00120 Helsinki.

There will be performances at Höyhentämö between 20 August and 2 September 2018, as part of the Helsinki Fesitival and Night of the Arts. Rehearsals will be in held during the spring, with a break over summer and a 'refresher period' in August.

Please register for the auditions in advance, stating which role or roles you’re interested in auditioning for. Also let us know if you would be interested in joining the backstage crew. Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You do not have to be a member to audition, but you must join if cast. Please arrive in good time to begin at 13:00.

Please prepare for some light improv in character, in which you answer questions about your character’s life, such as its ups and downs, what they are proud of, what they regret, etc. In short, find out a little about the character or characters you intend to audition for!

Press the FINNBRIT buzzer by the street door to be let in.

If you cannot attend on Sunday, or if you have any questions about the play, rehearsal schedule or other arrangements, please contact Ulf (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

We Are Not Amused is a talkshow. It’s also a late show in the sense that all the guests are dead. Very famous and very dead. But here they are again to talk about their lives, their pleasures and disappointments, family affairs, loves and – why they are not amused.


Host (M) – a talk show host who knows how to ask probing questions

Elisabeth – Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, 1837-1898

Victoria – Queen of England and Empress of India, 1819-1901

Lady Diana – Princess of Wales, 1961-1997


Go Back For Murder

Go Back For Murder

What is more exciting than an Agatha Christie play based on family secrets, intrigue, suspense, romance, seduction, and murder?

Carla Crale returns to the UK from Canada carrying a disturbing secret. Her mother, Caroline Crale, died in prison serving a life sentence for poisoning her husband, Amyas Crale, Carla’s father. On receiving a letter in which Caroline pleads her innocence of the crime, Carla is determined to clear her mother’s name. With the help of a young lawyer, Justin Fogg, she assembles the people involved in the tragic drama, and together with Justin, uncovers the truth.

Performances at Puoli-Q (Tunturikatu 16, Helsinki) in February 2017:

Thurs 2/2, Fri 3/2 & Sat 4/2 – 7pm
Sun 5/2 – 5pm
Tues 7/2, Weds 8/2, Thurs 9/2, Fri 10/2 & Sat 11/2 – 7pm
Sun 12/2 – 5pm


10–15€ are available here.

For questions or information about tickets, including group discounts, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: Ulf Persson
Assistant Director: John Leo
Producer & Stage Manager: Nicolas Herbatschek

Justin Fogg – Salomon Marttila
Turnball – Graham Lees
Carla Crale – Elina Jackson
Jeff Rogers –  Mikael Kivimäki
Philip Blake – Matthew Paines
Meredith Blake – Kent Tankersley
Elsa Greer/Melksham – Zoë Chandler
Miss Williams – Jessica Calonius
Angela Warren (Present) — Anna Olkinuora
Angela Warren (Past) – Esteri Hellgrén
Caroline Crale – Sophie Michaud
Amyas Crale – Graham Lees

Costumes: Esteri Hellgrén, Maria Kuuskoski and Marika Cholmondeley
Set Design: Nicolas Herbatschek, Delphine Gerbaud, Maria Kuuskoksi and Marika Cholmondeley
Props: Nicolas Herbatschek, Delphine Gerbaud, Maria Kuuskoski and Marika Cholmondeley
Artwork & Publicity: Salomon Marttila
Photography: Harsha Chawhan
Lights: Timo Karppinen and Katia Shklyar
Sound: Katia Shklyar, Rosanna Liuski and Marika Cholmondeley

The Finnish Play

The Finn-Brit Players is pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for our June production of The Finnish Play, by Ian Eastment with Graham Lees. A special discount is available for the early adopters among you – and, of course, for FBP members.

British Pomp confronts Finnish Circumstance

When Finns and expats meet in Helsinki, things generally proceed amicably – unless someone like Gerald is around.

There’s a certain type of obnoxious British expat. We’ve all met one in our time: they insist on correcting people who dare to say ‘elevator’ or ‘sidewalk’, and think the British Empire is still alive and kicking. Gerald, the protagonist – or should that be antagonist? – of the Finn-Brit Players’ new comedy, The Finnish Play, is one of them.

The play’s title alludes to a theatrical superstition – you should never refer to Shakespeare’s Macbeth by name, only as ‘The Scottish Play’, or else disaster will strike. But Gerald enjoys playing with fire.The Finnish Play image

WHEN: 1–3 & 6–8 June 2016 at 7 pm
WHERE: Höyhentämö-Pluckhouse, Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki

TICKETS are now on sale via our website: www.finnbritplayers.com/tickets
15€ – general admission
11€ – Finn-Brit Players members
10€ – full-time students

13€ for general admission tickets purchased by 15 May!

Member discount
As an FBP member you get a 20% discount on tickets to The Finnish Play not only for yourself but also for your family members and those accompanying you to the theatreYou’ll need your membership number to obtain the discount, so remember to renew/join up in good time before buying your tickets!

Call for Open Auditions for the 2015 Spring Production

DATE: 1 February, 2015
TIME: 2-5 pm
PLACE: The FinnBrit Language Centre, Fredrikinkatu 20A (MAP)

This Spring, The Finn-Brit Players will be staging Neil LaBute's Fat Pig, directed by Stina Halmetoja. There will be a run of performances between 17 and 26 April on the Puoli-Q stage at Q-teatteri. The rehearsals (mostly on weekends) will run from early February until the theatre run starts.

We are looking for 4 actors, 2 males and 2 females, between the ages of 25 and 40. One of the female roles is strictly for someone plus-sized.

Please email Stina (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and sign up for auditions by Friday 30 January. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in auditioning or otherwise being part of the production but cannot attend the auditions on 1 February, please contact Stina asap.

Tom is a nice guy with a bad dating track record who randomly meets Helen, a plus-size girl with a big personality and an even bigger heart. What will Tom's workmates Carter, the office clown and a-hole, and Jeannie from accounting, whom Tom used to date, make of Helen?

A dark comedy about relationships and dating, Fat Pig is a brutally funny depiction of human insecurities in action. It also has a surprisingly emotional core, which forces audiences to examine their own attitudes.

"Neil LaBute's sharply drawn play not only critiques our slavish adherence to Hollywood ideals of beauty but also questions our own ability to change what we dislike about ourselves."