What I have learned

Every time you are in a production, even when in a supporting role, you put quite a bit of time into it. What makes it worth it is that normally you learn some new things – about yourself, about life and so on. When coming closer to the end of a project, I tend to try and summarise what sort of new knowledge or life lessons I have gained during the process. Here is what I have learned during ‘I Hate Hamlet’:

1. I can pull off fuchsia. Not sure if I ever want to after I finish being Felicia, but at least now I know that option is viable.
2. My hair can reach all new heights.
3. It is possible to start wearing earrings again after almost ten years. Let’s just say I have literally bled for this show. I probably shouldn’t get more graphic than that.
4. It is also possible to find an accent you thought you had lost forever. When I began studying English philology at the University, my accent was very much so American (thanks to the hours and hours of TV I had watched growing up). Then, after I lived in England for a year, I created my own accent, which was more towards the British side, but had hints of American still left in it. For Felicia, I have managed to find my inner American again. Well, I think I have managed. I’ll let the audience be the judge of that.
5. I have added a new annoying voice to my repertoire – this time I am sounding somewhat like Lois Griffin. (Note to self: in the next play try and get cast as someone who could have my own voice).

After this week’s run of shows, I will hopefully be able to add some more points to this list.

In the words of Felicia: it’s opening night! Enjoy the show!

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