Short n Snappy #6

Join us for Short 'n' Snappy #6: two hours of comedy, tragedy and everything in between, delivered in five plays that, while being short, don’t lack bite.


Alternative Life main imageAlternative Life  written & directed by Vladislav Nenchev

It is Tuesday, as any other Tuesday, and life goes on in the busy district of Marylebone in London. Bert is just about to close his workday behind the counter of the pharmacy “Alternative Life” when Vicki bursts into the shop, bearing challenges of all kinds. Bert is quite adept at finding solutions, very unorthodox solutions in fact, but Vicki matches him pound for pound when it comes to derailing from the norms.

Bert – Dish Eldishnawy
Vicki – Delphine Laniesse


The author main image webThe Author  written & directed by Jarkko Mikkola

Two men meet in a café after their relationship has ended. As one of them puts it, during their time together “a lot of shit went down”, and here at the great aftermath everything is once more at play, including trust, lust, disappointment and hopes of reconciliation. Hovering over all of this is the possibility that one of them may have written this entire scene. If so, why would he have done such a thing? To grieve? To get even? To avenge?

Author – Salvador Esparza
Ex – Zach Chamberlaine

The Night Shift main image web landscapeThe Night Shift  written by David Dean & directed by Zachariah Chamberlaine

Mrs Johnson is having her kitchen renovated. Unfortunately for her, she chose a cheap yet rather unconventional firm whose working methods are annoying the neighbours. Their workmanship is actually pretty good, but if only they could turn up during the daytime. She wouldn’t call them cowboy builders. No, they belong to a completely different genre….

Mrs Johnson – Leysan Karimova
Vlad – Paul McGuire

Lady and Tyger main image webThe Lady and the Tyger   written by Trace Crawford & directed by Zachariah Chamberlaine

There you are, minding your own business on a park bench, just trying to read a book in peace, when the local lunatic strolls by and starts yelling at you. Is it time to run for the nearest café or will this encounter turn out to be more interesting and meaningful than first impressions might suggest? What is the best conversation starter for the 2020s? Because, in the end, what is normal? 

Woman – Charlotte Riley
Man – Avik Mullick 


Main character energy main image landscapeMain Character Energy  written & directed by Zachariah Chamberlaine & Todd Elliott

Who would you least like to be stuck in an elevator with? For two people, that nightmare has come true. An influencer oozing main character energy is forced to interact with some no-rizz NPC – and the disdain is mutual. Yet somehow they’re going to have to work together to escape this very non-cooperative voice-activated elevator.

Elevator – Salvador Esparza
Influencer – Todd Elliott
Technician – Zach Chamberlaine


PHOTOSThibaud RohmerTommy Whitehouse; Anni Taponen, Zach Chamberlaine and Zach Chamberlaine.

Short n snappy facebook imagePERFORMANCES at the NEW NoName Theatre
Fri 19 April at 7 pm
Sat 20 April at 7 pm
Sun 21 April at 2 pm
Sat 27 April at 7 pm
Sun 28 April at 2 pm

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 21.00€ – standard admission
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The doors will open 30 minutes before the start. Please arrive in good time – due to the setup of the stage the doors will be locked at the start of the show and latecomers cannot be admitted.

The NEW NoName Theatre is at Hietaniemenkatu 7 B in Kamppi. The entrance is technically on Lapuankatu, past the K-Market. Ring the "5th Floor" buzzer to the left of the blue gate under the "Keskisuomalainen Osakunta" sign. The main door will probably be unlocked, but if not, ring the fifth-floor buzzer by the door. Once inside, take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Do not wait in the queue of students (if there is one).

There is an elevator to the fifth floor. Unfortuately, the premises do not have a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

The Lady and the Tyger is performed by arrangment with Pint-sized Plays and The Night Shift by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts.