Do you want glitter or lace on that?

From this weekend onwards, we’ll be rehearsing in full costume. As our costume budget is limited – is there any part of our budget that isn’t limited? – we source most of our costumes from second-hand shops and the actors’ own wardrobes.

The weird and the wonderful – like historical clothes and the (in)famous tree costume – usually get sewn for free by a crew member. Personally, I think I must have made about a hundred costumes for the Players over the past nine years, covering the 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th centuries….

But this play is set in the future! (Okay, okay, only seven months in the future to be precise, but it’s still the future.) There were only a couple of more difficult items to acquire, but luckily Suomen Pukuvuokramo is sponsoring the play.

So me, the bridesmaid, and the brother-of-the-bride stopped by on Friday to pick out a snazzy morning suit and non-vomit-inducing bridesmaid’s dress. That part was achieved quickly and successfully, but faced with all those racks of chiffon and taffeta, the bridesmaid couldn’t resist trying on a lot of other dresses after that.

Here she is, as Satu brings in yet another delight:

Ooo, a fascinator!

Rumour has it, she didn’t leave until 9 p.m…

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