Opening Night Jitters...

Oooooh. Tonight's the opening night!

It is a theatrical tradition and superstition that dress rehearsals aren't supposed to go too well. Because that will bode ill for the actual opening night...

Last night's dress rehearsal was ok but not too good, so we all have a strong feeling of wanting to kick ass tonight and don't feel too sure about ourselves. Complacency has no place on stage or anywhere near it.

My personal dress rehearsal cock-up favourite was definitely me getting so overwhelmed because I got to wear my actual bridesmaid's dress for the first time on stage (provided by the good people of Suomen Pukuvuokraamo) that I forgot to take my bag with me for the final act - and that bag contains PROPS. So I had to make a run for it during a blackout... And Meredith has that bag on her at all times! How could I forget!?

So here's hoping I remember that bag tonight, and that legs will break! All in all, I think we're all just raring to go. Exciting!


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