Sometimes Too True

That was my answer when asked to describe The Memory of Water in three words for our behind-the-scenes video.

When I first read the script, I felt most drawn to Mary, so I was very pleased to be cast in that role. I feel we share a very similar childhood and young adulthood, and a certain attitude to life. In fact, some of the insults flung at her during the play could have come straight out of my own life!

We are not, however, completely alike. (Luckily – that would just be freaky.) There are another sides to her, her older self in particular, that are not like me at all. Unfortunately, I can’t say any more without including spoilers, so I’ll leave you to decide which ones are which when you see the play.*

So my task was to get into the head of a person who is so much like me and yet so much not... I guess that’s one reason why acting is so challenging yet at the same time so alluring and so much fun.

And it seems that others have also found a lot of truth in this play. When chatting to audience members in the foyer after performances, many people have told me that they were able to identify with aspects of the play in their own lives, especially in the various relationships between the characters.

So, come and see what’s true for you.

The definition of embarrassing: coming in the same dress as your and mum

*For those who have already seen the show: no, not that one :)


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