Meet Nick

20211205 Nick portraitA hearty round of applause for Giuliano Didio, half of the impeccable bellhop duo, Nick.

When asked about his favorite line as Nick, Giuliano hits us with the sobering statement of "We lived on the streets once, we can live on them again", a rather personal and heartfelt moment in the middle of a sea of hilarity and cacophony.

To counter his favorite spoken line, Giuliano’s favorite moment as Nick can only be described as the moment in which he rushes into the room, simply yelling. It is always quite satisfying to him as an actor.

Being that he’s in the business himself, Nick has managed to keep his expectations of the hospitality industry rather humble. When asked what his hotel chain or service of preference would be, Nick reports that he would definitely be happy with just the worst Airbnb.

If our relaxed bellhop were to dabble in the erotic novel genre, he believes his contribution would be named 100 Puffs Before Bed. We’ll leave you to infer the inspiration.

If Nick were to give the Hollydae’In a rating, he’d give it 5 stars, with the justification being that the bellhops are awesome! Not that he’s biased or anything.

Photo: Jaakko Nikkilä
Text: Salvador Esparza & Giuliano Didio

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