Running in the Family InternationsWelcome to the Finn-Brit Players' virtual performance of Running in the Family by Vladislav Nenchev on 25, 27 and 29 May 2021 at 19:00 EET. (NB This event will not be a reading, but a rather a fully staged version of a 40-minute one-act play performed over Zoom.)

It is late May in 2020, week 8 of the COVID lockdown in England. Social catatonia stifles the countryside. People isolate at home, pushing their limits to invent all kinds of distraction. Online industries prosper.

Angela sits uneasy on her couch and calls the newly instituted Confessional Zoom-room to the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Dover. She's looking for Father Griff. She is looking for advice.

During this unorthodox confession, she will come to reflect on her profession and her life more than she bargained for. Surprises will intrude on Father Griff too, each of them more unsettling than the previous.


shalone cason UHXQXcQqSoM unsplashCAST
Angela – Elina Jackson
Father Griff – David Rogers

Directed by Vladislav Nenchev

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This event is part of the Save the NoName Theatre! campaign and you can also make general donations at any time (collection no. RA/2021/318).

Photo #1 by Vladislav Nenchev and photo #2 by Shalone Cason on Unsplash