Superior A Theatre will be supporting the Save the NoName Theatre! campaign with a virtual play reading of Strange Season by Ahti Tolvanen on 17, 18 & 19 May 2021 at 7 pm and 5 & 26 June 2021 at 8:30 pm. (The June streams will include a live commentary session with the actors.)

A play about passions that drive us to the ends of the earth....

A clandestine Spanish rendezvous with an old flame. “Will he notice I am expecting before he leaves his rich wife?" she wonders.

She runs into an industrial spy for the coal lobby who is plotting the collapse of the Madrid climate talks. Should she reveal the spy to her new acquaintance, the scientist attending to give his report on the imminent collapse of the arctic glaciers and the global climate system?

“Will being a whistleblower ruin my and the baby's last chance for happiness? Does that man following me have a gun?”

Flamenco guitars in the night interrupt her tortured thoughts.

Directed by Ahti Tolvanen.

StarringSTRANGE 07
Kiersten Leslie
David Rogers
Sarah Puukka
John Koroma
Erik Johannes Riekko

Special guest appearances
Emily Rose Matthews
William Roberts

Also featuring
Ahti Tolvanen
Ardith Irvine

Music and sound
Matthew Wooller

Technical support
Evgeny Kamaradin
Dixie Aduono

TICKETS – 5€/10€
To get the Zoom link, please buy a ticket in the Holvi store.

This event is part of the Save the NoName Theatre! campaign and you can also make general donations at any time (RA/2021/318).

Photo by Mari Tolvanen