Auditions for "Macabre Morsels"

Summer is ending, and nothing says fall like a good ol' fright! Stop All The Downloadin' Productions and The Finn-Brit Players are dying with excitement to bring to you Macabre Morsels, an evening of six original one-acts that lean into the dark and spooky!

We will be running auditions 9 September (18–22) and 10  September (10–14) for this October production, which will have four performances on 28, 29, 30, and 31 October.

If you're interested, make sure you have signed up for an audition slot in advance here: Audition Sign-Ups.

We will be auditioning 4 actors max a time. Please anticipate being at the audition for the entire hour you're signed up for, but we may let you out earlier if we've seen you in all potential roles you could be a match for.

And please fill out the audition form in advance, so we have your contact information, experience, and know your one-act interests before your audition: Audition Form

Auditions will be held at the NoName Theatrr (Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki). We will provide sides at the audition, so no preparation necessary. Please contact Salvador (+358 44 231 9484) if you have trouble getting into the theater:

If you have any questions leading up to the audition, please e-mail us at

The Participant's Repose (working title) by Matthew Wooller
It hasn't been performed for over 75 years, an illusion so deadly that it has been shunned by the world of magic. Tonight - one gun, one bullet and one guess - will it be the right guess or the wrong guess? Only the pull of a trigger will reveal the answer. WARNING: Not for those of a nervous disposition.
Roles: 2, both non-gender specific.

Killer First Impressions (working title) by Salvador Esparza
First impressions can be tough. What to wear? What to say--or more importantly, what not to say? Young and eager, Andrew finds himself at an intimate dinner rendezvous with a man he would kill to meet. Will he gets what he's yearning for as the evening grows longer, the drinks grow stronger, and inhibitions are discarded?
Roles: 2 male, 1 non-gender specific

Thirty Seconds (working title) by Zachariah Chamberlaine
If you were going to be haunted, you'd want to be haunted by a real legend of a ghost – but not everyone gets their wish. This play contains two characters who never appear on stage as they possess various inanimate objects. The ghosts' soundtrack will be pre-recorded, so if you do voice acting for this play, you could also appear "live" in other plays.
2 voice acting roles: a nerdy ghost (M), an obnoxious ex (M)

Mrs. Claus by Leben Norrie
It’s late, Halloween night. Jerry, a tired and overworked detective, has been asked stay late and hold a suspect for questioning. Special Agent Johnson is certain she’s found the man she’s been hunting for years. Will she get the answers she needs? Is there more to this costumed stranger than ever imagined?
Roles: 1 Female / 2 Male

Dead With Benefits by Leben Norrie
(A Dark Comedy Sitcom with a Laugh Track)
On today's hilarious season finale, Jeff finds himself a “freshy”; but sometimes, if it seems too good to be true, it is. What insights and twists shall be uncovered when the stranger reveals a dark secret? They seem to make sitcoms about ANYTHING these days. “Dead With Benefits” is filmed in front of a live studio audience.
2 Roles: Male / Neutral

Departures by Emily Matthews
Charlie and Emma are on a trip, surviving the boredom of a long-haul flight by reminiscing about their lives growing up together. But there's something wrong that they can't quite put their fingers on...

Emma - logical, sensible and patient... mostly;
Charlie - colourful, aggressive and energetic
Man - no lines, spends the play sleeping;
Flight attendant - short walk-ons, highly professional, slightly passive-aggressive