Movement Workshop & Improvised Performance

Vera Backman and Adrian Goldman will lead a movement workshop and improvised performance on October 15th and 16th 2022, starting at 10 am on both days. You can take part on either Saturday or Sunday, or on both days.

On Saturday morning (10–1pm), we will have a physical warm-up, followed by an introduction to Laban technique, and then talking about what you learnt.

Saturday afternoon (2–6pm) will be devoted to understanding movement through authentic movement.
On Sunday morning (10–1pm), we will focus on using what we explored on Saturday, and learn the basics of Contact Improvisation as the basis for some further work.

On Sunday afternoon (2pm–5pm), we will spend sometime with musician Tony Shaw and a score (pictures, words) devising an improvised movement performance with the title “The forest moving to the light".

On Sunday evening (7–8pm), we will perform it, with a session afterwards with the audience so that they can share with us what they felt and vice versa. Its working title is “The forest moving to the light”, which can cover anything we might want it to be.

The maximum number of people we can have for the movement workshop is 10, because the space is not large and we must all be able to move. Please sign up early!


IMG 5685Adrian Goldman has a greater than 20-year history with various kinds of dance. He started with tap, but fell in love with modern dance and (contact) improvisation. He has been to contact various improvisation workshops including in Lithuania. The great thing about movement and dance is that it can provide tools for an actor to understand what they are capable of physically, and give them ways of expressing themselves including and beyond words.



IMG 5676Vera Backman has been dancing more or less actively since her childhood. She has tried many different dance styles, but African dance, contemporary, Broadway style jazz, bachata and contact improvisation are closest to her heart. Vera has done specialising studies in dance pedagogy and later in 2017 got her master’s degree in Dance movement psychotherapy from Goldsmiths University of London. It is fascinating how honest the body is, how it can express thoughts and feelings that might be unconscious or hidden. Through movement and dance we can access a very visceral dimension of emotion, which gives actors tools for giving a fuller and richer performance.

WORKSHOP SESSIONS at the NoName Theatre
Sat 15 Oct 10am–6 pm
Sun 16 Oct 10am–5pm & 7–8 pm

 buy tickets logo tcrbTICKETS
 15€ per day – standard admission
 12€ per day – concessions (students, retired, military/civil service, unemployed)
 12€ per day – FBP members
 Available HERE in our Holvi store.


You can read more about – and get tickets for – the improvised performance here: The forest moving to the light.