Natcherooo! (the inner demon released)

Well we are just over the halfway mark of the run of Single Bride.

The shows have been going quicker and quicker each time. And now we are down to our last three.

It is also the point where my “normal” accent is severely affected by my character’s accent.

Milton too will make an appearance sometimes in my daily life. At this point he’s like the “friend” who has come to visit eats all your favorite things and won’t leave. Once he gets going it’s hard to put him

The worst of it started so subtly right after our last run through in our rehearsal space(two days before our Tech Run) when I was speaking to Madame Director and she pointed out several times that I was saying many words with a British Accent. Deep inside it did worry me as I did not realize ( Ha! My US English spell checker!) while speaking that I was doing it.

People at home and work who had thought that they had met me before were suddenly confronted by someone who looks like me but doesn’t talk like me and has a propensity of answering questions with a resounding, “Natcherooo!”

Those most directly affected are my family.

For my boys the fun and novelty of the “new” voice for me had worn off weeks ago. And now I feel their pain as it slips back into my normal speech during this run.

At first it was, “Dad, why are you talking like that?”

Now it’s my oldest pulling me aside and in a stern yet imploringly manner saying, “Dad, please stop. Please….it’s annoying.”

At the shops it turns to a rather father-like tone commanding me, “Dad you’re embarrassing us, would you go wait in the car!”

My wife hasn’t spoken to me in weeks for fear of bringing Milton out.

I was confused at first, but through looks and other non verbal gestures it has become clear that Milton is an unwelcomed guest.

I do try to contain him. To hold him back. Honestly, I do. But no matter how hard I try, like a freshly greased pig he kicks and squeals slipping his way out of my clutches.

Ah, what a release it is to be on the stage where I am released from my struggle of containment. Milton can be free. All of which I am trying to contain and stifle during the day can be brought out and shared.

And I am encouraged to do so.

I dare not think past this coming Saturday when the run is over. Will Milton go? And if so, where?

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