About to leave

God knows why I’ve accepted to go to Mary’s mother’s funeral. Funerals aren’t a fun thing to start off with but I know she’s going to be in a bad mood all weekend as well. Not least because we’re all going to be under the same roof for 48 hours with her two sisters that she doesn’t get along with.

Despite my tight schedule, I have managed to get a bit of time off work. I’ve been busier than ever for the last few months with a new season of the medical series. In fact, when I think of all the responsibilities I have with Chrissie being ill, the three kids and of course the hospital work to top it all up, I’m amazed I manage to keep it together. We actually had a sequence to shoot this weekend but Mary has been there for me during some rough patches and I just decided I’d have to call it off. I sort of owe it to her to come to this. I just hope it’s not a pretext for another argument about me not spending enough time with her or spending too much time with Chrissie and the kids. People think that having a double relationship is all fun and games but it’s bloody work. More than it’s worth I sometimes think. 

I’ve never met her sisters but I’ve heard about them. One of them supposedly spends her life in Andalusian nightclubs, usually while high on Ecstasy and the other is so obsessed with her health that she pops supplement pills like M&M's. I think that at least one of their partners is supposed to come but I can’t remember which one . It's getting late, I’d better get going or I’ll miss the train.


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