“Ovarian emergencies” and other useful pieces of advice

Now that opening night is almost here, it is time to take a look back. I found the little black book that I have filled with comments during our rehearsals. Going through the somewhat incomprehensible scribbles, I found a few comments I thought I could share:

  • Maybe more panicky when no panic
  • More aggressive bullocks
  • Think of the jointyness
  • Brilliant snorts?
  • More ovarian emergency
  • SEX!
  • Don't be a pirate
  • Snappier fridge.

Looking at these directorial gems, it is surprising how beautiful and funny the production has turned out. I guess it helps to have brilliant actors. Smile And, to be fair, these are only a fraction of the comments that me and my directorial partner Anna have given. Next week everyone can find out, how these comments have translated into actions. Exciting!

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