Meet Margaret

20211201 Margaret portraitWell, it’s all pretty clear now to Sophie Michaud as the lovable and understanding Margaret, who finds herself at the Hollydae’In on her 10-year wedding anniversary.

When asked what her favorite line as Margaret is, Sophie cites her confrontation with her husband, Fred. “You know I hate flying! I endured that... Just so you can have your beloved idol whisper sweet smutty nothings into your ear?” Wouldn’t we all do the same for our beloved idols?

Despite it all, Sophie is able to see the silver lining in Margaret’s experience at the Hollydae’In. Her favorite moment in the show is getting to bond over the crazy sh*t happening at the Hollydae'In with her new bestie, Matilda.

When it comes to hotels, Peg is very clear that she doesn't do hotel chains – she's "sophisticated". She only goes to the bed and breakfast, half an hour away from her house, cause she's barely ever left her hometown. No better time like the present and no better reason than The Reading to get her out of her comfort zone!

While her husband may be the real connoisseur of erotic literature, Margaret imagines she could write a book called The Rosebud: A Romance Novel, because, to be clear, erotica is NOT literature.

Overall, she’d rank her stay at the Hollydae’In a 4, but you gotta come see the show to find out ;) As Shakespeare once wrote, “All’s Well That Ends Well”.

Photo: Jaakko Nikkilä
Text: Salvador Esparza & Sophie Michaud

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