Meet Fred

20211203 Fred portraitAn erotic literature reading event has a very specific target demographic, and in the case of Lorenzo DelaGato, it’s Frederick Rosewater, as played by the ever lovable Arnaud Praplan.

Fred, as he is casually known, really upholds the integrity and artistry of sensual writing, and this resonates with Arnaud, whose favorite line is: “Please Peg, it's "erotic literature".

Our beloved Fred goes through quite the arc in our story—I mean what could be more nerve wrecking and life changing than meeting your hero with your wife at your side on your 10-year wedding anniversary? Arnaud describes his favorite scene as the moment when Fred is telling Lorenzo what's what and where's where! And not to be forgotten, the moment he shares with his wife just thereafter, off-stage. Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a family show*.

Delving into the psyche of the obsessed fan, Arnaud believes that if Fred were to have to identify with a specific hotel chain, Fred would primarily identify with whichever hotel chain Lorenzo DelaGato also identified with. <3

Not to be belittled when asked what Fred’s erotic novel would be called if he were ever to write one and what his inspiration would be, Arnaud exclaims: "If? Are you kidding me? My character HAS WRITTEN his own erotic novel, thank you very much, and he is considering writing more! His first one is called Nipping in the Rosebuds and it is OF COURSE inspired by "Lorenzo DelaGato" (and a bit by Rocky Flintstone).

Ever the optimist, our Frederick gives his getaway experience at The Reading and Hollydae’in 5 stars! The Hollydae'In is the perfect venue to meet your hero! What a fantastic stay and what unforgettable memories!

*No, it isn’t.

Photo: Jaakko Nikkilä
Text: Salvador Esparza & Arnaud Praplan

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