Meet Jane

20211204 Jane portraitEnter Sarah Lyydia Puukka as Jane Driscoll, an old, colorful friend of Lorenzo DelaGato’s who’s coming, albeit with the help of liquid courage, to The Reading on a romantic mission.

When asked what her favorite line as Jane is, Sarah refers without hesitation to a line that gets to the core of Jane like none other: “I recognized those lines that made my loins burn with a holy fire!”

Jane is a woman full of heart, and in getting to explore this woman’s deeply rooted intentions that Sarah finds her favorite moment in the play being when Jane gives in to the greatest love of them all. Her fifth marriage is near, she can feel it!

Our eager lover may have plenty of history amongst the wealthy, but she’s not very particular when it comes to the hotels she chooses to spend her time in. When queried about her choice of hotels, her response was: Whatever has a fabulous bar.

When you have this much passion in you (or your loins for that matter), writing erotica must come like second nature. Be on the lookout, as Jane may one day make her imagined erotic novel, A Flaming Desire In The Midnight Moonlight, a reality—in stores never.

Her thoughts on the Hollydae’In: I absolutely love that drinks are free, although gin isn't my favorite drink. (You hear that, bartender?)

Photo: Jaakko Nikkilä
Text: Salvador Esparza & Sarah Lyydia Puukka

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