The Bench

The BenchWritten & directed by Beth Morton

Welcome to Dermot’s world. Quiet, content and happy, he basks in his custom made, hassle free life on his bench. What could possible trouble this tramp?

Enter the breezy, unrelenting Rosa to invade his space and outstay her welcome with her self confessed detective radar and compulsive talking. Turning Dermot’s peace and quiet into a distant memory she’s only too happy to point out the error of his ways, whether he wants to hear it or not. Oh, and then Dave turns up – the uniquely self styled, totally cool man about town.

It all sounds so simple……..but then again appearances can be deceiving.


Dermot – Niko Lindell
Rosa – Haylie Lehtovaara
Dave – David Rogers

Weds 21 Nov 20:55
Fri 23 Nov 19:00
Sat 24 Nov 15:55
Sun 25 Nov 17:20

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