Nelson Remembered

Nelson Remembered

Nelson Remembered
in Pictures, Words and Sound
by George Fleming
Directed by Christian Jull

Through the use of spoken word, pictures and sound, the story of Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson KB, Britain’s most famous military hero, is told in this entertaining and historically accurate presentation. Covering all of the major events in Nelson’s forty-six years, the story, inevitably, digresses into such fascinating byways as the life of Emma Hamilton and the character of the Georgian Navy. The end result is a story that tells us about the great man himself, how his contemporaries saw him, and how his life was shaped and immortalised.

Readers: Christian Jull, Christopher Sloan, Zoë Chandler, Anna Rawlings, Stewart Gray, Niko Lindell

Singer/musician: Jonathan Hutchings

Luckan, Simonkatu 8 (Map)
22 – 23 February 7pm 

Tickets €7


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