Go Back For Murder

Go Back For Murder

What is more exciting than an Agatha Christie play based on family secrets, intrigue, suspense, romance, seduction, and murder?

Carla Crale returns to the UK from Canada carrying a disturbing secret. Her mother, Caroline Crale, died in prison serving a life sentence for poisoning her husband, Amyas Crale, Carla’s father. On receiving a letter in which Caroline pleads her innocence of the crime, Carla is determined to clear her mother’s name. With the help of a young lawyer, Justin Fogg, she assembles the people involved in the tragic drama, and together with Justin, uncovers the truth.

Performances at Puoli-Q (Tunturikatu 16, Helsinki) in February 2017:

Thurs 2/2, Fri 3/2 & Sat 4/2 – 7pm
Sun 5/2 – 5pm
Tues 7/2, Weds 8/2, Thurs 9/2, Fri 10/2 & Sat 11/2 – 7pm
Sun 12/2 – 5pm


10–15€ are available here.

For questions or information about tickets, including group discounts, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: Ulf Persson
Assistant Director: John Leo
Producer & Stage Manager: Nicolas Herbatschek

Justin Fogg – Salomon Marttila
Turnball – Graham Lees
Carla Crale – Elina Jackson
Jeff Rogers –  Mikael Kivimäki
Philip Blake – Matthew Paines
Meredith Blake – Kent Tankersley
Elsa Greer/Melksham – Zoë Chandler
Miss Williams – Jessica Calonius
Angela Warren (Present) — Anna Olkinuora
Angela Warren (Past) – Esteri Hellgrén
Caroline Crale – Sophie Michaud
Amyas Crale – Graham Lees

Costumes: Esteri Hellgrén, Maria Kuuskoski and Marika Cholmondeley
Set Design: Nicolas Herbatschek, Delphine Gerbaud, Maria Kuuskoksi and Marika Cholmondeley
Props: Nicolas Herbatschek, Delphine Gerbaud, Maria Kuuskoski and Marika Cholmondeley
Artwork & Publicity: Salomon Marttila
Photography: Harsha Chawhan
Lights: Timo Karppinen and Katia Shklyar
Sound: Katia Shklyar, Rosanna Liuski and Marika Cholmondeley