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We Are Not Amused by Ulf Persson & the cast

Directed by Ulf Persson Meri Kuikka

We Are Not Amused is a late talkshow. Late in the meaning of dead. Very dead. The Finn-Brit Players proudly presents a talkshow in which the guests are three very famous and very dead women:
Elisabeth “Sisi”, Empress of Austria & Queen of Hungary (Laura Alemañola)
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain & Empress of India (Emily Matthews)
Diana, the People’s Princess (Meri Kuikka)

They are here to chat about their dramatic and interesting lives with the Host (Graham Lees) – but his guests are not all that amused. Come and find out why….

Two for the price of one! We Are Not Amused will be preceded by a short supporting feature:

Going Viral by Zoë Chandler

Junk mail through your letterbox, popups on your computer, a neverending parade of billboards, screens and totems…. Sometimes it feels as if there’s no escape from advertising. But if you think things are bad now, you’d better watch out for the next megatrend. The future of advertising is here and now there really is no escape.

Fitzroy – Demian Stimson
Marshall – Zoë Chandler

PERFORMANCES at Höyhentämö–Pluckhouse (Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki)
Fri 24 August at 19:00
Sat 25 August at 19:00
Sun 26 August at 19:00
Tues 28 August at 19:00
Weds 29 August at 19:00
Thurs 30 August at 19:00
Fri 31 August at 19:00
Sat 1 September at 19:00

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9.00€ – students, national service, retired & FBP members

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