Changes to Announcement List, Action Required!

Last week we made changes to our announcement/mailing list in the form of a change of email address. Unfortunately, due to limitations with our hosting company, we had to recreate the entire mailing list and emailed all subscribers asking that they re-confirm their desire to remain on the list.

Many existing subscribers have already done this, but many haven't.

If you have already actioned last week's email, you need do no more and please ignore this email.

If you haven't actioned the email, please do so as soon as possible as you may miss important Players emails.

If you have no idea what email is being referred to, please check your Spam folder as soon as possible as it may have been aggressively labelled so by your mail provider (it is always a good idea to check this folder regularly anyway!). Please follow the instruction on the email. If you cannot find the said email, please go directly to our website and re-register for the announcement list:

If you receive an error following the link in the email, please re-register as mentioned above.

Thank-you for your understanding!