Attention all directors, past and future! (2011)

Dear People Who Direct Plays (or have directed plays),

As a member of our mailing list, you are invited to consider directing a play this Autumn. We have a theatre, we have willing and very capable actors, and we are looking to offer all the support you need to direct a play with the Finn-Brit Players.

Why are we asking? Because we don't have a director.
Who is eligible? Well... someone who can direct, and brings along a play of their choosing.
Any limitations? Yes... the director will be invited to chat about the play with some of the Finn-Brit Players Committee to see if everything is ok. The stage is not too big - so you won't have to stress about a huge set and furniture moving.

If you had the right support and a great cast, would you be interested?

Please let us know by June 30th, and you can start rehearsals in August. Lights up on the following dates: November 5th - 8th, 12th, and 13th.