An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening


After 24 years having the Prince of Devils for his servant and with all the power of Hell at his fingertips, Faustus’s contract with Satan is finally coming to an end and it is the last evening of his life. He asks Mephistopheles for a room and a bunch of 'whoevers' to listen to him. He reminisces on the pasts and futures that he has known with the help of Hell’s time machine, and with surprising bittersweet humour faces the concept of meaning itself. He finally resorts to a quite un-supernatural, totally human invention: an apology.

Of the play:

'It's hard to miss Mickle Maher's brilliance in this ingenious retooling of the Faust legend. Maher's Faust is not the renaissance braggart of Marlowe or the romantic titan of Goethe but a skittish nobody plucked from the pathetic comedies of Gogol' (Chicago Reader)

Written by Mickle Maher

Directed by Rebecca Clamp / the Finn-Brit Players


Dr. John Faustus: Adrian Goldman

Mephistopheles: Fionna O'Sullivan


21:15 Friday 7 November
16:50 Saturday 8 November

Approximate duration 45 minutes