Plastic Soup

Plastic Soup

Where do plastic bags go when they die?

Eco-warrior Kemp will be more than happy to tell you – and anyone else who passes through ‘his’ park. But his alternative eco-lifestyle is under threat from Donna’s expanding convenience store, wacky local artist Phyllis’ latest exhibition, and DI Frome’s investigations into the unsolved ‘incidents’ in the park’s disused railway tunnel.

What will win through in this environmental comedy: love, money or art?

Written and directed by Zoë Chandler / The Finn-Brit Players

Cast & crew

Kemp Conway: Matti Keltanen
Donna Swale: Irina Mikkola
Phyllis Trent: Anna Karlsson
Maxwell Frome: Fabien Rapin

Music: Matthew Wooller
Set, props & costumes: Zoë Chandler


19:00 Friday 7 November
19:10 Saturday 8 November

Approximate duration 1 hour 5 minutes