Popcorn, by Ben Elton (rehearsed reading)

Popcorn, by Ben Elton

WHAT: Popcorn by Ben Elton
WHEN: Friday 25 January, 7 pm
WHERE: FINNBRIT, Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9 (Map)
COST: €4

A rehearsed reading of "Popcorn", by Ben Elton, directed by Pauliina Munukka.

"Violent people create a violent society. They do it, not me, not anyone else. They are to blame."

Bruce Delamitri makes movies. Violent movies. As his passionate encounter with model/actress Brooke Daniels is interrupted by Wayne and Scout, aka the Mall Murderers, the night quickly escalates into a hostage situation where no one is safe. "Popcorn" is a fast-paced satirical black comedy that puts the question who is to blame under the microscope.

The play is not recommended for children.

NOTE: This play reading is a performance. In a rehearsed reading, the actors will be familiar with their lines, but will still have their scripts. There will be some costumes, props and movement, but not to the extent of a full production.

Tickets are available on the door, but numbers are limited. To avoid disappointment it is recommended that you order tickets from the Webshop.