Wyrd Sisters

wyrd sisters main
The Finn-Brit Players performed Stephen Briggs' adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters in November-December 2005. Directed by Jack Leo. The play was performed in Narri Näyttämö.

Cast, in order of appearance

Matilda Sisättö as Magrat Garlick, a Witch
Karolina Sveiby as Esmerelda ‘Granny’ Weatherwax, another Witch
Fionna O’Sullivan as Gytha ‘Nanny’ Ogg, a third Witch
Roxana Sharma as A Servant
Mark Stenbäck as Bentzen, Duke Felmet’s Bodyguard
Lauri Kivi-Koskinen as A Soldier
Jonathan Hutchings as King Verence of Lancre, Deceased
Matti Keltanen as Death, an Anthropomorphic Personification
Jack Leo as Voice of Death
Bruce Marsland as Duke Leonal Felmet, Usurper of the Throne of Lancre
Zoë Chandler as Lady Felmet, His Wife
Hanna Meriläinen as The Chamberlaine of Lancre Castle
Esko Oksanen as Sergeant Champett Poldy
Joel Holmberg as Bedlin, an Actor
Perttu Lipsanen as Olwyn Vitoller, Manager of a Group of Players
Laura Robinson as Mrs. Vitoller, His Wife
Matti Keltanen as Verence, the Duke’s Fool
Esko Oksanen as A Demon, a Foul Being from an Other Dimension
Roxana Sharma as A Peasant Woman
Joel Holmberg as A Guard
Mark Stenbäck as Another Guard
Lauri Kivi-Koskinen as A third Guard
Jonathan Hutchings as A Robber
Joel Holmberg as Another Robber
Lauri Kivi-Koskinen as Tomjon, an Actor and Heir to the Throne of Lancre
Nisse Laiho-Murdoch as Hwel, a Dwarven Playwright
Mark Stenbäck as Wimsloe, an Actor
Roxana Sharma as An Actress Playing a Witch
Hanna Meriläinen as Another Actress Playing a Witch
Nelli Hankonen as A third Actress Playing a Witch
Perttu Lipsanen as A Guard


Stage Manager: Jack Leo
Stage Hands: Heli Laiho, Sean McLoughlin
Set: Stewart Gray
Props: Laura Nyman
Lighting: Robert Mandara, Tommi Lujanen, Fionna O’Sullivan
Sound: Perttu Lipsanen, Nick Meinke
Costumes: Zoë Chandler, Heli Laiho, Victoria Gray
Make-up: Meikki- ja Maskeerauskoulu Profilo OY
Front of House: Anna Karlsson, Arabella David, Paula and Greg Steele, Eeva-Mari Haapala-Laitinen
Programme layout & Press photos: Matti Keltanen


wyrd programme covers
Programme, back and front cover by Matti Keltanen

wyrd posters
Poster by Stewart Gray