A Harold Pinter Revue

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The Finn-Brit Players present a selection of seven sketches and Betrayal, a full length play, premiering this November at Teatteri Jurkka:

Betrayal directed by Stephen Porter
More than just a play about adultery & deception, Betrayal is about the endurance of lies and the effect they have on friendships and trust. Emma has been having an extramarital affair with Jerry, the best friend of her husband Robert. How will they keep it secret from Robert, and how much does Robert actually know...?

Sketches directed by Joan Nordlund
Pinter's observations on life are never more apt and to the point than in his short sketches. Regardless of whether the setting is the factory manager's office, an all-night café or a couple's living room, the characters communicate - or fail to communicate - in true Pinteresque fashion.

A Harold Pinter Revue is a guest performance at Helsinki's Teatteri Jurkka, Vironkatu 7.

Performances on November 29th and 30th at 19.00
December 2nd and 4th at 19.00, and December 6th at 14.00 and 19.00

Producers - Joan Nordlund, Stephen Porter, Zoë Chandler & Fionna O'Sullivan
Stage Manager - Kikka Myllys
Publicity Manager - Stina Halmetoja
Lighting Designer - Antti Hermunen

Tickets cost €10 and can be booked on this website here, or directly from the Jurkka Box Office on 09 135 6166 (10-17 Mon-Fri).

betrayal page

betrayal page