Sometimes it's hard to be a woman/man...

This week my kitchen has been the scene for two extra rehearsals. First, Beth popped round and made me work hard on my lines. We also had a bit of red wine. Which helped. Then, Haylie came over the following night and we tried to wade through scenes without consulting our scripts. We also discussed how men and women differ... and no, we didn't focus on body parts... too much.

But it's not enough to know your lines. There's more to the art of acting than that. There's research. On youtube. I've watched countless clips of people representing their Yorkshire accents. Most have been entirely useless. The influences behind my male characters, however, are crystal clear to me. My Ken's based on a couple of different characters from Fast Show. And my Mervyn will most likely resemble Julian and Sandy... Have a look and a listen at a couple of examples.

Julian and Sandy

Fast Show's Bob Fleming

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