Leaving the Bouncers on the barrels


Phew!- what a busy day we had yesterday. It was time to put the bouncers characters to one side for the day and concentrate on the 'lads' and the 'girls'. Although this meant a rehearsal full of hard work and concentration, it also meant that we had lots of fun. The drunken antics, the tears and, oh how could I forget......the dancing!


There was lots of material for us to cover but the dedication and effort from the cast, as ever, shone through and we got through it. Joan had the stressful task of making sure the tech went smoothly too, after my springing the tech script on her only this week, but what a perfect job done- thanks Joan!


We soon got into a rhythm of line running each scene before working on it and, after a couple of weeks of either precariously sitting on or avoiding sitting on the barrels altogether (the nozzle providing a shocking obstacle to the bouncers' 'tackle'), it was a relief to see them all drawn to the, now well padded out, set items for this.

The Bouncers

In fact they are now sometimes fondly referred to as the 'line barrels' and it was even suggested that they could double up as the 'naughty barrels'- should I ever need the use of them in this capacity.

So, it would seem that the multi-role playing has spread even to our set and it's great to finally welcome the barrels into the Bouncers family.

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