Meet our Bouncers!

From left to right - Niko Lindell, Daniel McMullen, Christian Jull, Pieter Ketelings

Well, it seems ages ago since we were planting the seed to stage Shakers & Bouncers but here we are, now 4 weeks into rehearsals and can’t wait to keep you updated on the fun we are having.

 Being set on a Friday night in bars and clubs of the 80s, I think Shakers & Bouncers have a fresh party feel to them and will be a real tonic for the audience.

 Both plays are of northern English origin and as I’m a northern lass myself I immediately felt a connection with them. Bouncers will be the first full length play that I have directed and I’m very lucky to have the support of such a fantastic cast. The physically demanding nature of the play means that the actors are being put through their paces at every rehearsal and for this I (sort of) apologise to them. However this, together with the hilarious script, also means that we are having some laughs and enjoying being transported back to the 80s.

 Our tight rehearsal schedule is keeping us on our toes as there are still so many things to do before opening night and our sessions are not without their challenges! If you want to find out why thoughts of jackets, rapping and dropping soap on the floor have been keeping me awake at night then watch this space……….

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