On the bench....

The other day while riding the M train to my Finnish course, I was mentally going over my lines for "The Bench". We actors call this a "line run". I became so absorbed in my character, Dave, that I went straight through Pasila and found myself at the central railway station. Fortunately, my trusty phone found an alternate route to the course and I arrived more or less on time.

"The Bench" reveals that everything is not always as it first appears and may encourage you to reflect on, and perhaps laugh at, your own assumptions about the way things are. By buying a ticket to "The Bench", you will learn from Rosa some techniques for making small talk during those awkward silent moments. And Dermot will reveal some surprising secrets about what is hidden beneath his unkempt exterior. While Dave, a wannabe rock star, will give you some thought provoking insights on the art of internet dating.

I've seen rehearsals for most of the plays to be presented at FELT IF 2012 and can assure you that, if you buy a ticket, you're in for some top notch theatrical performances. "The Bench" and all other plays will be performed at Kaapelitehdas from November 20-26 and are all less than one hour in length. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see quality entertainment for the price of a movie ticket.

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