The Facial Hair Monologue

Tackling fake facial hair on stage is a bit of a challenge, as we - the cast of "NOT The Vagina Monologues" - have found. You do tend to sweat quite a bit when you're on stage. Attaching moustaches and beards with glue, on stage, in the middle of a performance, is an unnerving, sticky and slippery task.

So what I do is try to remain relaxed, keep track of cues and lines, and just get the thing on, no matter how crooked. And then, when it's time to remove the mo', just get it off and keep rubbing away at the gooey residue of glue that sticks around the mouth. It seems there's more and more of it every time we rehearse. What a hassle!

But wearing a 'stache is surprisingly empowering, too. Something changes in me when I put it on. Maybe it's just the thrill of having hair "in all the right places"? I don't know.

Do come and catch us sporting impressive fakes! It's time for our last line-run before the dress rehearsal (that's tomorrow)!

I "moustache"!

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