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Tomorrow marks the opening night of FELT IF 2012.  It is going to be great.  I write short sentences to get into character.  It will make sense as long as you come to see the plays. I am in The Bench. By Beth Morton. With Haylie and David. It is great :) I am trying to talk as little as possible.

Yesterday I helped build the stage. I like set building. I had to improvise, using a curtain weight as a hammer. Great stuff.  I was being an artist... ;)

However, on a serious note soon I am heading off to dress rehearsal and getting a little nervous.  It will all be fine, Beth has written a great play and as with the previous play she directed, I have enjoyed working with her.  And my co-stars, Haylie and David are fantastic to work with and we are quite an efficient bunch!

I hope everyone comes to see the FELT IF 2012 plays.  A lot of hard work has gone into the plays and just counting the hours of work put in last night by so many people, we are all making a huge effort to make this a great festival!

See you soon. At the theatre. Be there!

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