Haul anchor!

Before accepting a role as an historical person, it's always wise to check exactly where they came from.

I must admit that a last-minute direction to read Emma Hamilton with a Lancashire accent sent me into a mild panic and scrabbling for Wikipedia. Luckily, I'd had some recent experience Up North in Bouncers & Shakers, so it was a short-lived panic.

I will defend myself here by mentioning that, at this point, we'd not yet started the production and I had yet to receive the full script!

We've now hauled anchor and had our first rehearsal for Nelson Remembered, and I've read up on Horatio and Emma to prevent further surprises.

All those tales of derring-do in the 18th century reminded me of this video about historical prowess. Not unfortunately Nelson, but George Washington. Though maybe someone needs to make a similar tribute to Nelson and his polar bear? (I assure you Nelson Remembered takes a much more traditional and family-friendly approach to honouring the admiral's exploits.)


I suspect Putin may have modelled himself on this script.

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