A missus, some ladies and a handful of whores

Yes, you read right: after a brief (although fun) foray into the strange realm of Doing Only One Character (in the rehearsed reading of Ben Elton's Popcorn, directed by the one-and-only Pauliina "Pow!" Munukka), I am back* to being several characters. This is, of course, in the upcoming production of Nelson Remembered, written by George Fleming (whom I don't know personally, but who, quite likely, is also a one-and-only) and directed by (the certainly, and what's more, thankfully, one-and-only) Christian "Julli" Jull.

Now, Nelson is a strange hybrid creature (and I mean the play, not the man. Although perhaps the man was, too? You need to make your own mind up on this, though, please, for I will go off on a tangent, wildly, if I start to speculate the matter here). It's not really a full-on production, for one, as we the actors don't memorise the scripts or move about onstage: cry, die, remove tights, or the like. Neither is it a rehearsed reading, really, although we do have scripts in-hand (or on-stand), for the same reason, i.e. no blocking. Nor is it a play-for-voices - not fully, anyway, as there will be plenty to see, too: some of it beautiful, some of it moving, some of it wet-thyself-funny - you get the picture: it is the pictures doing the "doing", onstage, instead of us actors. But then there will also be live music, so classifying the thing becomes ever harder. A Strange Hybrid Creature, A Theatrical Chimera: Nelson Remembered.

We are having fun with it, that's for sure.

Creating several characters with voice and (sigh) accent alone is harder, I have to say, than creating characters who also have body language and walks and hands and things. Although I have recently developed a bit of an obsession with (one day) (perhaps) being able to produce an American accent (as in, believable rather than laughable), I have made the decision (happily, not disputed by The Director) not to attempt producing a West-Indian English Gentry accent from the turn of the 1700-1800s. So Mrs Nelson will only sound kinda soft and gentle; you know, the sort of good-yet-oh-so-simpering little wife whom it is very easy for a hero to forget, and who will easily allow her man to be snatched by some egomaniac exuberant Lancashire slut lass.

And that concludes this teaser-taster. Do come and see us - if you still can get tickets; I understand they are selling like the proverbial hotcakes.


*See this particular blog author's previous posts for clarification. She does multiple personality theatre.

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