Hush. Hello. Shh.

Has anybody else spoken at the Single Bride blog yet? It looks different around these parts and I cannot immediately find the blog thread.

Well yes, anyhow. It says something about the confidence that I and, I daresay, others put in our Fair Directress and Magnificent Author that we came to audition for a play we hadn't read in advance. I mean, seriously. In my several centuries with the Players, I have come to consider myself as An Old Theatrical, and as part of this, I read the plays I think I might audition for. I mean, as in beforehand. Many moons ago, when I were only a young theatrical thing, I wanted to be involved in everything - everything. I think that had a lot to do with the integrative, social aspect the Players have as well, being as I were just freshly back from Britain and reading [my fellow] Finns very poorly and very wrong. Finding the Players was a lifesaver at that point.

But yes - this, dear Madame Directeur, is not to be taken as "where the fcuking fukc are our scripts?!?!?!". No no. This it to be taken as an hommage to you, and as a sign that as Everyone Else (or wait, is it All Others?), I certainly am looking forward to it.

And shhh, but I happen to just know others are too.


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