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I'm itching to read the play... Sunday's readthrough is going to be so much fun!

My need to play the weirdo rather than the heroine has surfaced yet again. The moment I read the description for Zoë's new play, I knew I should play Meredith, the bossy bridesmaid. Luckily, although Zoë hadn't considered me for the part beforehand (me being known to her all too well), she saw my inner weirdness shining through at the auditions.

Now what makes Meredith so special? I have nothing to go on except for the few scenes we did at the audition and Zoë likening her to Sheldon's "girlfriend" Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory. I personally prefer Sheldon's style of autism... He's not entirely classic and his truly autistic side surfaces at intervals to great comic effect... So, Meredith will have to channel both Sheldon and Amy (Or "Shamy", as they are affectionately known amongst Sheldon's friends). The best thing about these sorts of characters is that they believe in the rightness of their worldview so entirely and can't relate to those around them much, that they collide with everyone they meet with unexpected consequences.

Sheldon meeting Amy:

And Amy... Well, just watch.

Oh, and here's Amy as a bridesmaid... :)

Then there's shades of Bridesmaids (the film) in Meredith's behaviour. The competitiveness and control freakery in Meredith reminds me of Rose Byrne's brilliantly bitchy bridesmaid...

So my take, without ever reading the actual play, is that Meredith is somewhere between these two (Shamy and Rose Byrne in Bridesmaids), or both at once. The trick is to get the balance right. Somehow. Can't wait!

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