The breeze before the calm, before the storm.....

So, this weekend has seen the first of our " on it's feet" rehearsals and, as is custom to kick these things off, we have been blocking our little socks off. And, as stage manager, my pencil has been steaming. Seriously, I won't be touching the thing for a few days for fear of burning my fingers.

Every step, every move, every bum on seat, every dramatic exit (where to,with who, with what in hand?) and bold entrance (from where, wearing what?) has been penciled onto my script- giving our Director her rightful licence to change her mind. Then we come to props- when are they needed? who needs them? where should they be set? when do we need to strike? Phew- many questions that all needed an immediate answer but we got there and I now have a 'plan'.

The blocking rehearsal is always one of the most dizzy for the SM but now I get to calmly test my 'plan' to see if it works throughout the rest of the rehearsals. However this is all leading to those turbulent rehearsals to come a little further down the line where I will be jumping up and down about sight lines, getting stroppy over props that are moved from their set position and generally bawling at the thought that any of the logistics of the 'plan' are not achievable in the theatre. All inevitable stuff- but forewarned is forearmed and I, for one, can't wait :0)

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